About Cross nerdle - like a crossword but with numbers

Cross nerdle is a math crossword, with every answer across and down involving a calculation that can be solved using logic and math. There's a new set puzzle to complete daily, but with an additional twist, as each cross nerdle gets harder as the week goes on! Start on Monday with a simple math crossword to solve, before working your way through harder math crossword puzzles throughout the week. If you like crosswords, enjoy a mental challenge and a little bit of math, Crossnerdle is for you!

Each line across or down is a calculation. For example: 4*3+2=14. There is only one possible solution to each Crossnerdle given the squares that are complete at the start. Using logic and deduction, you can work out what the missing numbers and symbols must be.

Monday to Sunday challenges

It's a bit of a crossword tradition that puzzles are easiest on a Monday and get harder through the week until the biggest challenge on a Sunday. Crossnerdle follows this rule, so for a real challenge try a weekend puzzle!

How to play Crossnerdle

Enter the calculations using the on-screen keyboard or your computer keys and use ↪️ to clear the last cell entered.

Need a clue? Press '👀' to peek (show whch guesses you have made so far are 🟩right & 🟥wrong) and press '🎁' to reveal one solvable tile.

A couple of extra rules - zeros and equals

All calculations more than 3-digits (eg 1=1) must have a symbol before the equals. Watch out, nerdle numbers can't start with '0'. The only exception is '=0' at the end and '0=0'.

6 points for an unaided solve. Lose one point for each peek/reveal.

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